Top 6 Reasons Custom Built Computers Are Better Than Buying from A Store

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Most people in the market for a new computer have a couple of different options. They can opt to buy a pre-built system that only requires that they turn on the computer. However, they also have the option of buying a custom-built computer. There are a couple of reasons why we recommend a custom-built computer over all the other options, regardless of if you are a gamer or need a computer to handle daily computing tasks.

custom built PC
custom built PC by Morgan Systems

Why Buy A Custom Computer?

In this article, we’ll go over the top 6 reasons to get a custom-built computer.

The Best Price to Performance Ratio

One of the main reasons to get a custom-built computer is that you will get the best price to performance ratio. What does that mean? It means you’ll pay the lowest price per performance stat in terms of memory, hard drive space, and processor speed. The reason behind this is that pre-built computers have a high markup cost that’s passed on to the buyer, so they cost more on average.

Ready to Use Out of the Box

Similar to pre-built computers, a custom-built computer will arrive at your home, ready to be turned on and used. No assembly, installation, or anything else required. It is the perfect option for someone who does not want to spend the time building their computer.

Very Simple Warranty Guidelines

Custom built-PCs have a very simple warranty process. So, if something goes wrong with the PC, and it is under warranty, it just needs to be sent back to the company that built the computer. Most custom computer building companies are small or medium-sized operations, which is why the process of diagnosing and fixing the issue is often quicker compared to pre-built computers.

custom components inside a computer are different than a pre-packaged PC

Customized to Your Needs

One of the reasons to opt for a custom PC is the fact that each component can be chosen individually. You can have a PC built to your specific needs as a graphics designer, gamer, or accountant. Not to mention that there is a much broader array of components from which to choose, unlike a pre-built computer, which is set in stone for the most part.

Easy to Repair When the Time Comes

Once the end date of your computer’s warranty is reached, you are in charge of dealing with all its issues. The good thing about a custom-built computer is that it is made from off the shelf parts. So, if something like the RAM, processor, or even the motherboard, fails, it can just as easily be replaced.

Leave the Configuration to the Experts

If you have no idea which components should go into your computer, the experts can figure it out for you. Depending on what you want to do with the computer, most expert custom computer builders can build something based on your budget and needs. So, there is no need for you to be aware of which graphics card, for instance, is best suited to your type of workload.


Custom built computers are the best way for anyone to get a computer that serves their needs the best. It is better than building one or a pre-built computer for the abovementioned reasons. Most of all, it can turn out to be cheaper!