How To Defrag Windows 10, 8, And 7 Hard Drives

If I remember correctly, optimizing the boot files is also part of the scheduled automatic maintenance by default. He’s written for PC Pro, TechRadar, Wired, Stuff, TrustedReviews, Custom PC, IT Pro, and many more outlets. He lives in the UK and is interested in gaming, writing and motorsport. While defragmenting is a free service built into Windows 10/11 and MacOS, there are paid-for alternatives from third party developers on offer. These generally replicate a lot of the native functions, but add more of their own, particularly in the form of SSD optimisation tools that go beyond TRIMming. For most of us, though, Glarysoft’s free version will be more than adequate thanks to its effective design and decent functionality.

You can always turn to third-party programs that offer additional features so you can snap, save, and share your screenshot any way you want. First, press Command + Shift + 5 to open the toolbar. To capture the entire screen, choose Record Entire Screen. To capture a part of the screen, choose Record Selected Portion, specify the area for recording, and click Capture. You will see the recording in the lower-right part of the screen.

How To Fix Defragmentation

That’s why we created this top 5 list of screen recording programs that can capture not only games but also anything else happening on your desktop. When you’re done recording your gameplay, you can hit the button again or hit the hotkey Alt+S. This will bring up a window showing your recorded video along with the option to edit the video in Animotica video editor. In today’s guide, we’ll show you how to record gaming videos for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and more. Not only that, but you’ll also discover some of the best screen recording software to record your game streaming. Most people know about the importance of taking screenshots, which are, in fact, the images of the current screen.

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  • This really doesn’t need an explanation and your own experiences could already suffice.
  • When you have the need to capture your actions to reproduce a problem, you can rely on the Windows Steps Recorder.

To use it to send and receive files, just double-click on it and the file transfer wizard will appear instantly. For this, it will only be necessary to have previously activated bluetooth on the device that we want to link and select one of the options that appear on the screen. Activating Bluetooth in Windows 10 is quite simple, since the settings to activate or deactivate it can be found in the “Settings” panel. To access it, we can use the keyboard shortcut “Windows + i”. Once the “Settings” window appears, we select the “Devices” option and click on the “Bluetooth and other devices” option.

How To Find All Passwords Entered On My Computer » View All Saved Passwords On Windows 10 Via Credentials Manager

Once you record screen online, you can save the files to Google Drive. When you need to publish to YouTube website, or save the video to your computer, you can always find a solution from the online screen recorder. It should be a handy screen recorder to record some short videos. When you need to add mouse-tracking features, drawing tools, remove watermark or record unlimited video clips, you have to upgrade to the Pro version instead. There is an online solution that enables you to record the screen.

Click the Analyze button to see if the drive needs optimizing, even if it reads 0% fragmentation. If the drive is good, click the Close button. In the next window, select the drive you want to optimize. On the list you’ll see an option to compress the OS drive if you’re cleaning the primary C Drive where Windows 10 resides.

Bluetooth not finding headphones or keyboard – This issue can happen with different devices. To fix it, make sure that you are pairing the device properly with your computer. If you’ve decided that it’s time to let go of mouse acceleration, you can follow our guide below to effectively disable it. These steps are extremely easy to follow, allowing anyone without prior Windows 10 knowledge to quickly get rid of the unwanted feature.