Check out answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. We've tried to keep this information relevant and informative, sticking with material most sought after by prospective customers who contact us. Not enough? You'll find our contact information on the blue ribbon below.

Will you pressure me to move to the cloud?

Not at all. We do our part to ensure each customer is aware of options for their personal network that enhance efficiency, save money, or lower the need for support throughout the year. We never use high pressure sales tactics and want you, the decision maker, to make an informed choice.

What are your certifications and experience?

Jeremy Morgan is most likely to be the technician who will work with you. He carries certifications in Microsoft, CompTIA and Cisco. He has a degree in Computer Technology with a Networking specialty and has been serving DFW businesses for 10 years. He has previously worked directly for Microsoft and Chase Bank.

Can I drop off my computer with you for repairs?

Unfortunately, we do not offer drop-off computer repair but recommend going to one of these places for great prices for that type of service: A+ PC Depot in Garland, Microcenter in Richardson

Do you only offer service to businesses or would you be willing to come to my home?

Yes. Though much of our clientele is commercial, we still offer the same great service to home users as we did 10 years ago.

Your website says Real Estate and Construction, do you work with my industry too?

Quite possibly. Real Estate and Construction businesses tend to be great candidates for us, in that they usually do not have a need for an application server and they migrate well to the cloud. They also tend to require services such as collaboration software, email syncing across mobile devices, and other assurances which keep interruptions mitigated and their workflow smooth. These businesses do not tend to need many hours a month in support once they are set up correctly and do not want to be overcharged by IT firms used to handling larger companies. Sound like you? We may be a great fit.

Do I have to be in subscription with you for you to support my business?

No. Though being in subscription with us offers larger incentives and discounts, we still support customers at hourly rates too. Call for our current prices.

What size businesses do you work with?

Our customers have offices of 1-25 computers. These include corporate and branch offices as well as CEOs, stock traders and remote employees working from home. We are proficient in serving these size companies and satisfying their technology goals.

Are you most skilled in hardware, software, or networking?

All of the above. We provide professional grade and emergency services for firewalls, routers, wireless access points, switches and network connectivity. We provide expert level hardware diagnostics at the component level such as identifying bad power supplies or a malfunctioning hard drive. We remediate software issues as with Windows 10, Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, printer drivers and collaboration software. But most of all, we help businesses find the right technologies that help them grow, won't slow them down and facilitate their success. Contact us to learn more.